3D Imaging


Some patients have complicated conditions that require additional information to safely plan and successfully treat.  Fortunately, technology is available in our office that delivers a complete 
3-Dimensional image of the jaws in just seconds.  The 3D Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) is the newest and most advanced kind of imaging in dentistry.  Our in house dental CT saves you the time and expense of additional trips to other specialty clinics.

Image of a CBCT scan (multiple angles) showing four implants as a possible treatment option to replace the missing upper anterior teeth.  CBCT scans show bone height and density throughout the entire mouth, giving a comprehensive view of oral anatomy.When necessary we use 3D imaging to make decisions about more complicated dental care such as:

  • Evaluations for implants
  • Complex dental reconstruction 
  • Evaluating pathology