custom Mouth Guards

Its easy to remember protective gear such as helmets and padding. But one important piece of gear is frequently overlooked: mouth guards.

Dr. Maxfield makes custom mouth guards because facial protection is crucial.  These mouth guards are both inexpensive and comfortable.

Prevention is key!


Why Use a Custom Mouth Guard?

Custom mouth guards provide much stronger protection than generic ones from the local drugstore.  The cheap “boil-and-bite” type mouth guards are inadequate for most people.  With custom mouth guards, athletes can easily drink and talk while wearing them. They are available in a variety of colors, and can be made to look invisible.

Why Should I Wear a Mouth Guard?

Some of our worst cases are people who were somehow hit in the face while not wearing a mouth guard.  Without a mouth guard, teeth can be knocked out or broken.  Mouth guards also provide some protection from possibly biting through your lips or cheeks.

When Should I Wear a Mouth Guard?

You should always wear a mouth guard while playing sports or during any physical activity.  This includes everyone from football players, to wake boarders, to cheerleaders. Athletes who play full-contact sports of course run the risk of facial injury. It is not uncommon for a wake boarder to get hit in the face by their board during a wipe out.  Cheerleaders are frequently elbowed or kicked in the face during stunts.  Wearing a mouth guard will help prevent any serious oral injury.

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