Imaging Technology

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Low Radiation 3D Imaging 

  • 3D images allow better treatment planning and outcomes
  • Digital records can be stored indefinitely and easily shared with other doctors
  • Imaging is fast, simple, comfortable, open, safe
  • Less Radiation than traditional medical CT scanners (100-200 times less).                         

Most patients require simple 2D x-rays for routine dental care, however; many patients have more complicated conditions that require additional information to safely plan and successfully treat.

Fortunately, technology is now available in our office that delivers complete 3-Dimensional information regarding dental conditions in just seconds. 3D Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) and is the newest and most advanced kind of x-ray  in dentistry.
Our in house  dental CT saves you the time and expense of additional trips to other specialty clinics.
When necessary we use 3D imaging to make decisions about complex dental care like:
  • Planning dental implants
  • Locating hard to find root canals
  • Diagnosing missing or impacted teeth
  • Treatment planning advanced dental reconstruction
  • Planning dental cosmetics and orthodontics  
  • Evaluating pathology
Today’s high tech is great but the experience and skill to apply it is just as important.
We hope to offer you both.